Venic's Brand Ambassador

Hey there! Congratulations You have been chosen as a brand ambassador for Venic and we believe you are a perfect fit for it.

Perks of being an ambassador

  • You will receive 30% discount on all your purchases.
  • You will get 50% discount (for the purchase of more than one product).
  • A discount code by your name (eg: AMBER20) for your followers.
  • 20% commission of the sales generated by your discount code.
  • Part of exclusive ambassador giveaways.
  • Get featured in our Instagram account.

By clicking above buttons, the discount code will automatically get applied at your cart

What does this entail?

  • You have to post images with our products on your social media accounts along with your discount code, tagging us in the post.
  • There are absolutely no sales or post obligation in our Ambassador program, Just join the program, receive the product, snap 1 photo.
  • You will receive the commission at the end of every month (via PayPal or other payment method if PayPal not available).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I have to do?
A. You only have to place an order with exclusive brand ambassador discount code at our online store and as soon as you receive your product, you make a post of you wearing that product on your social media pages and tag us in it.

Q. Will I receive any commission?
A. Yes, you will receive 20% commission of the sales generated by the discount code.

Q. Do I have to purchase the product?
A. Yes, They are at a very discount price, also with the free worldwide shipping.

Q. Am I bound to any limits?
A. There are no limits on the number of purchases, number of posts. It's all up to you.

Steps to Get Started

  • Visit
  • Browse through our product collection and shop as many products you want.
  • Use discount code BA30(30% off + free shipping) or click here to make your purchase.
  • Use code BA50(50% off + free shipping) or click here if you order more than one product.
  • Send us your order number in the Instagram DM where you talked earlier to our marketing Team.
  • Once you receive the product, start promoting via social sites.
  • If anyone makes a purchase via your discount code, we will send you the commission via PayPal.

By clicking above buttons, the discount code will automatically get applied at your cart

If you have any queries contact us here